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What started as a dorm room project exploded into an internet sensation!

The Strategic Alliance Consultants consulting services assist across all phases of the business and technology life-cycle — from strategy to implementation and optimization. 

Teams are constantly reaching out to subject matter experts who can offer seasoned advice and gently guide and protect the undertaking. Our consulting experts know what to do.


Assessments, surveys, research and documentation to give you the information you need, when your business needs it. From the planning stage to hardware installation, to building application environments and implementing security protocols, we provide start-to-finish project management and implementation services.


Strategy & Management

Strategic planning that is flexible

A strategic plan needs to be flexible without compromising the core business goals of your organization, and should allow for the possibility of new initiatives or a strategic pivot. Our process-driven approach to IT strategic planning lays a foundational plan while leaving possibilities open.

When it comes time to choose a governance model for your IT operation, we help define your services precisely. We provide strategic IT planning and architectural services informed by expertise and road-tested through experience.


Help Desk and Incident Support

An organization’s help desk will handle unforeseen events that can affect your network, such as the failure of an application or a malfunctioning server. In these situations, getting a specialist engaged quickly is the main concern, with investigation our consultants evaluate what skillset is going to make the most difference and come to a solution the most efficiently.

Problem Management and Extended Support

Problem management goes beyond incident support, it involves trend analysis and gathering of detailed information to investigate an issue, with a final report and solution provided once the problem is isolated and a fix is defined

Emergency Support

Emergencies are declared during real-time urgency that require an immediate response. Network outages, virus alerts and hacking attacks require a rapid and concerted effort to defuse. With our emergency support services, consultants are available to get your network back online as soon as possible.

Web Hosting

We offer a range of hosting services, from web to platform to application, that allow you to operate your business without the complications of maintaining infrastructure.

Scheduled Maintenance

It is advisable to keep a network’s hardware and software up to date and therefore protected against those who would exploit bugs and vulnerabilities. Network components need to be tested regularly to ensure they are working properly and applications updated. Our scheduled maintenance services implement diagnostic, preventative and corrective measures as needed.

Active Monitoring and Notification

Active monitoring is designed to make sure no incident or event goes unnoticed. Our active monitoring service performs quality of service and latency tests by sending traffic to a network, and is customizable to the parameters of a SLA to ensure that if an incident does occur, a notification is sent immediately to allow technical response consultants to begin fixing the problem.

Coordinator Services

Our coordinator service simplifies the multiple areas of responsibility associated with network administration. Our consultants guide and organize the technical elements that keep many networks stable. 

Cloud Platform Hosting

This cloud-based service provides a simpler way to access an application development environment, delivering the benefits of a production platform to the user for a fraction of the cost.

PROGRAMMING & Development

An analysis  of the your marketing and business objectives is completed  using the standard Project Scoping Process. Then a comprehensive  development plan is developed including a detailed list of  functionality, design requirements, timelines and budget for the  project.

The Alliance implements, maintains and improves the online presence for our clients; according to your specific business, technology, promotional and organizational  requirements.

During the design, development and marketing plan implementation the Alliance maintains an open line of communication through the entire development process.


As a team, our consultants and partner companies collaborate to develop short and long-term plans to ensure your solution matches your business and technology needs. 

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The Strategic Alliance Consultants provides an efficient and cost-effective way to acquire hardware. With strategic partnerships, the Alliance provides procurement solutions that make the most of your purchasing dollars in sourcing your software, hardware and licensing  needed to deploy and maintain your network.

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