Our consultants and architects are true subject matter experts with decades of IT experience.
Senior technical resources understand the challenges involved in the journey from a old technology to an effective and current solution. Our consultants and architects are true subject matter experts with decades of IT experience, multiple industry standard certifications, and experience across hundreds of customer engagements. As a professional services organization the Strategic Alliance Consultants excels at helping organizations to achieve difficult business objectives without reworks, mistakes and overly expensive results.

To this stable and seasoned group of experts we bolster our ranks with sound technical services consultants who are trained to be sensitive to cost, value and the needs of any customer that might request assistance. The service is designed to deliver better results from a team of specialists at a price that is not much more than employees, because most organizations can’t afford to dramatically increase costs, even where the assistance is competent. Considering the cost of rent, equipment and employee burden a resource has to be comparable to be feasible. But this is achievable by following certain approaches, some examples of which are listed below.

Strategize | Implement | Optimize

The Alliance consulting services assist across all phases of the business and technology life-cycle — from strategy to implementation and optimization. Teams are constantly reaching out to subject matter experts who can offer seasoned advice and gently guide and protect the undertaking. Experts know what to do. Our portfolio of services reflects the depth and variety of consultants available from our community. If, during the course of a project, some situation would benefit from the expertise of another resource, the team is always capable of reaching out as part of any engagement’s original contract terms. No need for renegotiation.

Hours of Production

The Alliance service is designed to deliver better results from a team of specialists and our resources don’t charge for slack time. Hours of production are the currency of the Alliance.

Our Expenses

Our expenses are our expenses. Resources provide and maintain their own excellent equipment and they have access to and will utilize many specialized tools to get the job done faster or better. We take care of the cost of the tools required for single-use or limited-use fees that are easier to deploy.

Project Velocity

Resources aren’t limited to business hours. Teams move as quickly or as slowly as desired and this can assist with velocity on projects because bursts of activity can easily outpace internal teams on key deliverables.

Value vs. Price

The ultimate goal of any project is to achieve completion. Once deliverables are finished the true costs are finally understood and they can be measured against the value delivered. We aim to maximize value and minimize costs. 

We can help you navigate the lifecycle of Business & Technology Solutions for your company.  Request a quote for more information.